QS: Collected

The Queue Series, August 5 to August 17, collected below for reference:

QS: Slate Gray 

listen: “Etude Op. 2, No. 1” — Alexander Scriabin; Sviatoslov Richter

look: “Stranded” — Salvador Dalí

read : “Inferno, Canto I,” by Dante Alighieri, tr. Seamus Heaney

QS: Light Coral

listen: “Nocturne Op. 32, No. 2 in A Major” — F. Chopin; Arthur Rubenstein

look: “pxl doodles” — Louie Zong

read: “I always thought reality,” by Inger Christensen

QS: Crimson

listen: “It All Starts Here” — Magic Man

look: “Dune Trippin,” — Gary Parker

read: “All It Is,” by Alfred Corn

QS: Burnt Orange

listen: “Nagoya Marimbas” — Steve Reich

look: “Lilac Fog” — Leonid Afremov

read: “Fall,” by Mary Oliver

QS: Pale Goldenrod

listen: “Isn’t This A Lovely Day?” — Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong

look: “City P. Suburb” — Alex Andreev

read: “Late Summer,” by Jennifer Grotz

QS: Lemon Chiffon

listen: “In The Open” — Benjamin Francis Leftwich

look: “On the Dee — Francis Towne

read: “A Light exists in spring,” by Emily Dickinson

QS: Chartreuse

listen: “Summertime” — The Mowgli’s

look: “Hey” — Nesskain

read: “Afternoon on a Hill,” by Edna St. Vincent Millay

QS: Sea Green

listen: “The Ernest et Célestine Song” — Vincent Courtois

look: “Low Tide at Pourville, near Dieppe” — Claude Monet

read: “Mediterranean,” by Sudeep Sen

alt listen: “Away, Away” — B. Snipes

QS: Teal

listen: “Shadow” — Wild Nothing

look: “L’empire des lumières” — René Magritte

read: “Thanks,” by W.S. Merwin

QS: Cornflower Blue

listen: “The Last Of The Arkansas Greyhounds” — Leo Kottke

look: “The Old Road to the Sea” — William Meritt Chase

read: “Five Landscapes,” by Cole Swensen

QS: Cyan

listen: “With You” — Xulikken

look: “The Turn of the Universe” — Alice X. Zhang

read: “My God, It’s Full of Stars,” by Tracy K. Smith

QS: Fuschia

listen: “Fight For Everyone” — The Leisure Society

look: “River North Chicago Dance Co.” — Lois Greenfield

read: “Latin & Soul,” by Victor Hernández Cruz

alt listen: “Paris” — Little Dragon

QS: Blue Violet

listen: “The Water Goblin, Op. 107” — Antonin Dvorak

look: “Icarus” — Henri Matisse

read: “The Crystal in Tamalpais,” by Joanne Kyger


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