Stranger Things

I just binge-watched Stranger Things on Netflix. (Spoilers below).

Gorgeous cinematography and visuals. Suspenseful, thoughtful, honest, all the makings of good television. (The small-town atmosphere somehow reminds me of Fargo). Some areas were lacking, like the exploration of El’s inner character dynamics, and a few dated stereotypes, but as a whole, it was thoroughly enjoyable. The “nuclear” family dynamics were the driving force. Because, in the end, the show might have government conspiracies and alternate dimensions and a helluva 80’s soundtrack, but it’s nothing without poignant and complicated human relationships. Joyce and Jonathan, Hop and his memories of his daughter, Mike and his cul-de-sac family (plus his other family, Dustin and Lucas and El), and El’s twisted relationship with her “papa.”

In less eloquent terms, when I watched the final episode, I straight-up bawled my eyes out. Nothing like a good dose of emotional wreckage. 


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