Absent Note

Dear Work and Study,

I was not be able to attend today’s sessions for the following reasons:

  • The Art Tatum CD that I checked out from the library is stuck on All The Things You Areand I can’t seem to listen past it.
  • I bought two tickets to the local Shakespeare festival in July, one for Hamlet and one for As You Like It, and it was all under $30. I’m f&@#%&! excited.
  • I’m writing and re-writing poetry.
  • There was a stray flower poking out of the concrete near the post office and it was luminous in the summer sun and I thought it might have been the most beautiful thing I’ve seen all week.
  • I’m listening to the radio.
  • The EU referendum is driving me insane.
  • Adventure Time last night: “I’ve always wanted to be heard by everyone. That’s what friends are for, right? People to observe you. People to enjoy your song.”
  • Also, A.V. Club’s last episodic coverage, and Finn+the Hole’s duet song.
  • I realized that I’m heading to college soon, and I’m scared of what will vanish and what will grow.
  • The past days have yielded watercolor twilights, despite the heat.
  • I love music.




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