Blue Neighbourhood

I don’t venture into pop music territory often, but I must say, it’s not all bubblegum beats and monosyllabic whining. To prove this point: Blue Neighbourhood is an electric album. (Technically categorized as dream-pop, but I’m not here to debate semantics). I was quietly blown away by the layering of it all, from ethereal vocals to sweeping synth effects to emotionally charged lyrics. There’s a wounded aura that straddles the line between heartache and hope, and Troye Sivan is wonderful at capturing the reflections of present day youth in an honest, vulnerable manner.

This album also happens to be exactly what I need at the moment. Instead of frantically tugging at knotted thoughts, I can shove all of my rage and grief into song after song (notably Heaven). Byproducts have included the occasional bout of tears, but at least the gunk is being filtered out of my system. I already feel much lighter. Thank goodness for music. 


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