GY: Progress and Cooking


  1. Completed: May goals—cruise performances went well! Learning new pieces at a steady rhythm, working on sight-reading and studying some more theory/history.
  2. In Progress: cooking, writing, drawing, calisthenics, gardening.
  3. Next Goal: for June, I’m planning a WWOOF trip and working on one last poetry collection before school begins.
  4. Languages: reviewing Chinese!
  5. Piano: noodling with other genres (ragtime, improv, a bit of jazz. I’m poor at everything else besides classical, but that’s not much of a surprise).

Thoughts on cooking:

I had a fair share of wonderful cuisine during the trip, and since arriving home, I haven’t stopped thinking about some of those dishes. It was mind-boggling to witness how some of the menus were curated down to an art; the food was nothing short of spectacular. During the galley tour, the way the head chef talked about different work stations in the kitchen reminded me of how brilliant orchestras are lead by brilliant conductors, yet it’s nothing without the musicians. From soup stations to pastry counters, there was a place and time for every step of the creative process (even the new and old china plates were well-organized).

Tl;dr—I have a newfound appreciation for the art of cooking.


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