To Love and Adore

I’m fond of rainy days and their aftermaths.

Today the sky was vast and blown—clouds backlit and looming, pockets of rich blue mingled with dark strokes of grey, some rare beams of light hitting tree leaves at golden angles, some shadows hovering over wide fields—it was breezy, too, and full of life. People walking their dogs, kids zooming across sidewalks with backpacks slung over their small shoulders. I read some poetry and practiced signing—the gesture for “love” (crossing your hands over your chest) made my heart swell because there are so many little implications. The fists: something you’ll fight for. The cross: an unspoken phrase, “until death.” Over the chest: you are professing vulnerability and your life. Needless to say it all made me emotional and happy, more than I’ve felt in a while.


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