GY: Progress and Tech


  1. Completed: April goals—taking care of my body and writing more analyses (also working through Ken Liu’s The Paper Menagerie collection; I sense a hefty review brewing).
  2. In Progress: cooking, writing, drawing, calisthenics and running.
  3. Next Goal: for May, I’m focusing on piano, specifically the cruise pieces and new concertos (finishing Prokofiev 2, starting Brahms 2. Damn that piece is long).
  4. Languages: ASL, and I’m trying to finish the Duolingo section for Italian.
  5. Piano: unrelated to my current repertoire but something that’s been on my mind—a piano transcription of Carrie and Lowell.

Thoughts on technology:

Back up your hard drives religiously, kiddos. There’s no greater pain than waking up to a dead computer and frantically wondering if you saved all those work-in-progress poems and stories. (Hyperbolic, perhaps, but it is quite annoying).


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