Here and Now

Some tidbits of what I’ve been working on, thinking about, listening to, and reading:

  1. “Everything was dripping with the lull of stray droplets, everything was clear and breathing and exposed, the sky parting with brilliant light, the air crisp and damp, the landscape sharpened.”
  2. National parks thrive on balance, but it’s difficult to find that middle ground when the latest influx of visitors per year has risen to 7.2 million (see: Yellowstone in 2015). It’s a tricky act of leveling out conservation and recreation—at what point can the two intersect and flourish, if at all? Even a place as grand and reputable as Yellowstone has its battles: how do you preserve and protect a primordial landscape in the 21st century?
  3. Jeremy Zuckerman’s new album, Khaos, reminds me of late nights and hypnagogia. It’s ethereal and meditative, sometimes urgent, sometimes relaxed, but always moving.
  4.  Into the Woods, by John Yorke: a dense, thorough journey through storytelling and dramatic writing. All sorts of references, from Shakespeare to Star Wars to Aristotle to Alice in Wonderland. It’ll probably be a slow read (still on Act I), but never mind that—it’s fascinating stuff.

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