the pickled vein

the circulation of the quakers became an abdominal fright to those who have read the red book. the red book had been read by those individuals indeed. blue books interfered and created an elastic collision that would endanger the heavy species. as the sun set over these species, the intestines increased tenfold in volume. they had been treached. they had ran away and cried in a hole. but then they saw a light in the darkness. a bright light. not the sun, but the light species. these light species uplifted the heavy and brought wine to the table. the wine was from 0073, the same year that moss had occurred on the platform. in 0073.1, the moss broke off and that is when the entire universe began to see the real treaches of the world oustide of pandora’s box: a rash.

(this post was written by the portable lily park. thank you for your time). 


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