Scavenged from seventh grade language arts class: a poem project. Yep, I cringed, too. It’s unbearable stuff. Still, it’s nice to know that little seventh-grade me was as sappy and sentimental as ever. (I guess some things never change).

As my friend you mean the whole world to me,

for when I’m down you lift me in the air.

Through hard times and pain it’s still clear to see,

that deep down under you really do care.

You’re one of the few that I truly trust,

with words to encourage you dry my tears.

Unlike some other friends that fade to dust,

our friendship is to last for many years.

When I cry you change it to a bright smile,

you’re always there to catch me when I fall.

Our memoirs formed into many piles,

when you’re by me I finally stand tall.

So even when our time comes to depart,

I’ll thank you with the most I can, my heart.


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