GY: Progress and Poetry


  1. Completed: March projects—shakespeare adaptation (post-apocalyptic Hamlet), woodworking project (see: easel), revised draft of novella, recipe ideas and experiments.
  2. In Progress: cooking, writing, drawing, swimming.
  3. Next Goal: for April, there are two main parts—1) taking care of my body (getting back into a thorough workout regimen, eating properly, the cliche but important stuff, etc.) and 2) writing more analyses (of poetry, music, books, films). 
  4. Languages: basics of French and ASL (American Sign Language). 
  5. Piano: working on new pieces and deciding future plans for college/beyond.

Thoughts on poetry:

I know I’ve talked about poetry before, so none of this is new, but I can’t help thinking (especially with the arrival of National Poetry Month) how much I love poetry—look, you can gather magic from paintings and music and physical expressions but nothing quite touches those gentle, deep spaces in your heart like poetry when it’s written across the stars in the night sky. It’s this combination of sense and nonsense, of elusiveness and graspability, of something tangible and intangible—it’s full of contradictions and always pushing and pulling, colliding and separating, never settling, even if it’s subtle and slight and somewhat incomprehensible. It’s full of vitality, and good lord, whenever I describe poetry I go overboard with the polysyndeton (which puts everything into a breathless state of being), but it’s wonderful.


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