We live in a messy world and it’s not hard to come across someone with differing views and opinions.

“That person was a tyrant and a dictator.”

“That person was a visionary and a trailblazer.” 

Tiffany, I’ve been thinking of something that you said a while ago: “[…] the only correct approach is a thoughtful one.” And I think that applies to virtually any decision or opinion—it’s important for people to look both ways before choosing a path, for people to be respectful of opinions, regardless of whether they agree or not.

And opinions change. Sometimes you make an assumption based on instinct, or based on a moment without context. The trick isn’t to linger over hot coals and adrenaline. The trick is to take the time to form layered and prudent thoughts, especially when it comes to controversial topics. If you’re not willing to dig down to the roots of a discussion and give it a thorough inspection, then perhaps your opinion won’t be valued as much as you’d like it to be.

It’s not the end of the world if you jump to conclusions or lash out in an instinctive manner. Sometimes it’s simply a reflection of who you are (it’s okay to release that primeval, raw side once in a while. It helps). Just realize that those moments have consequences, good and bad.

(Mostly a note for myself—you can be stubborn as hell, but at least make sure you have the thoughts and proof to back your opinions).


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