I just forget sometimes

I don’t know what it is about public displays of affection (not always romantic) that make my heart melt. Not gooey, overly sappy stuff, just those small and tender moments. A little girl holding hands with her big sister and saying, “I love you!” Friends giving each other piggyback rides. Forehead kisses. Bubbling laughter.

I forget how lonely it gets, and how freaking pathetic it is every time I say this, because there are people I can still talk to and people I can trust. But it’s true, the loneliness—I’m just afraid that if I talk about it all the time, it’ll sound selfish, especially in front of others. I’ve certainly mentioned it enough on this blog to notice an unhealthy pattern.

It’ll pass, with time. Most things do.

Old souls on the eve of yet another sunset, cracked and spilt across everywhere but here.

I’ve felt it, I think 

I can’t be alone 

I just forget sometimes 


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