GY: Progress and Cleanses


  1. Completed:  sight reading month! And auditions!
  2. In Progress: cooking, writing, drawing, swimming.
  3. Next Goal: March is project month, see below.
  4. Languages: back to reviewing Italian; I’ll also be learning some basic German.
  5. Piano: new pieces! cruise performance!

March Projects:

  • Week 1—revising draft of the novella from December
  • Week 2—woodworking project
  • Week 3—Shakespeare adaptation
  • Week 4—four course meal!

Thoughts on cleanses:

The underlying premise of a cleanse, be it a juice cleanse or reading cleanse, is to break from habit and reinvigorate or recharge yourself. That being said, I feel more exhausted than revitalized after pummeling through these novels, which, I suppose, is good. It’s made me appreciate the long weeks and months I spent with just one book at a time, when I’d have winded conversations with texts and dead poets. And it’s especially nice to grow old with something—a copy of Through the Looking-Glass sits on my shelf as a testament to that.


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