We’re going in deep 

Meta is such an intriguing topic (as in high-level, detailed, abstract analysis and commentary on films, books, shows, usually of characters). On one hand, meta is unnecessary and superfluous. On the other, it’s an incredible testament to the way subtext and minute details can elevate the meaning and impact of a work.

I’ve been reading some meta on The 100 (a show that gets better as it progresses), and there are some interesting topics on power—emotional versus logical power. In a world where survival comes first, it’s hard to embrace the luxury of “having feelings.” Then again, aren’t those feelings some of the most powerful reasons for living?

But I digress. What I want to say is that meta provides a nice aspect to many works that are often dismissed as pure entertainment: many shows and films delve deep into prominent issues and questions, most often deeper than we imagine, and we are influenced by those subtle inflections (though whether we care to realize that or not is a different story). 


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