GY: Progress and Calisthenics


  1. Completed: so I did compose a piece! but it’s strewn in fragments across a wrinkled pocket book, and I’ve yet to record the full version (read: to do). I also finished my second poetry collection, which was completely unplanned but quite pleasant. all in all, though, this past month really was odd and I hadn’t expected it to be as busy as it turned out to be.
  2. In Progress: reading cleanse (more info coming in a future post), writing, cooking.
  3. Next Goal: February is sight-reading month! Time to beef up my poor sight-reading skills. One short (2-6) page piece per day.
  4. Languages: one more month of reviewing Chinese, then back to Italian, and following, short spurts of learning bits of German, French, and Swahili (ASL if time permits; although, lately, Hebrew has seemed so fascinating, so perhaps I’ll try that in lieu of Swahili, perhaps).
  5. Piano: auditions!! competitions!! !!!! !!
  6. Miscellaneous: Returning to swimming—I think I’ll start inching myself back into those chlorine waters this month. also, drawing/sketching—I’m going to try to revitalize that hand.

Thoughts on calisthenics:

Going to the gym is nice because I don’t have to think about how to work out different parts of my body: there are designated machines for each part, and it isn’t hard to gauge progress in terms of weight levels. Calisthenics, though, can be just as satisfying. There’s a certain limit to how far you can train (because frankly there isn’t much variation in techniques and exercises), but I find it refreshing in its simplicity (also, you can do it anywhere! in a hotel, in the garage, in a field). You don’t need a gym membership—you just need your own body weight and the mental drive to keep at it.


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