Your Marks

Head out toward the track fields and the shot put throwing area, and you’ll find curved indentations of varying depths in the thick sand. There is a cluster of deep marks worn smooth by consistent throwing from effortless arms; there is a spot of lighter marks further away (the outliers, perhaps). And then there’s the clumped constellation of dingy dents a few feet away from the throwing point. 

You’d likely focus on the wide cluster of deep marks because it’s, well, more noticeable. You’d be impressed by the outliers. The clumped constellation? Perhaps you’d laugh a bit, smile, chuckle. If so, you’d also be completely ignorant of a minute detail: that the constellation elongates. Throw by throw, dent by dent, it stretches toward the wide cluster. The marks are clean and persistent. 

In other words, sometimes success is not determined by immediate performance. Sometimes it rises from the gritty bowels of hard work and dogged stamina. Even though people may not notice, sometimes the best kind of satisfaction comes from the growing proof of your own marks. 


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