Playlist: East of Eden

You know the feeling when you finally connect two dots and your brain starts leaping in cartwheels?

I was listening to Sigh No More (good rainy weather music), and I glanced at the track list, lo and behold, timshel! It took six years!

Naturally, this led me to scour the depths of my unorganized iTunes library, find a couple of songs, scrutinize their lyrics, and compile them into a playlist.

  1. “Blood Brothers” — Woodlock
  2. “Like the Dawn” — The Oh Hellos
  3. “Drawn to the Blood” — Sufjan Stevens
  4. “Farther Along” — Josh Garrels
  5. “All Things Wearisome, ft. N Sherman” — Caleb McAlpine
  6. “Pearl” — Andrew Combs
  7. “Redemption” — Johnny Cash
  8. “Timshel” — Mumford & Sons

Listen here.


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