in a few bullet points:

  • college/gap year decisions
  • adulthood + identity
  • theatre
  • long-distance friends 
  • driver’s license
  • poetry
  • traveling alone
  • lgbt marriage
  • schubert
  • newfound appreciation for animated media and cartoons (studio ghibli, adventure time, steven universe, gravity falls)


  • hamlet, william shakespeare
  • crime & punishment, fyodor dostoyevsky
  • till we have faces, c.s. lewis
  • braiding sweetgrass, robin wall kimmerer
  • neuromancer, william gibson
  • the martian chronicles, ray bradbury
  • madness, rack, and honey, mary ruefle
  • at large and at small, anne fadiman
  • the road, cormac mccarthy
  • grapes of wrath east of eden, john steinbeck 

i have likely forgotten a few major events, as always.

i’d also like to debate the phrase, “looking forward to what (insert year) has to offer.” the year has nothing to offer. what matters is what you have to offer and what you are willing to do.

[evidently, timshel from east of eden has been stuck in my head for the past few days, and i’ve been peering closely at things like fate and destiny. thou mayest! what a phrase!]

Writing month, day thirty-one, word count: 31,125! I did it ohmygod I freaking did it!


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