GY: Progress and Bicycles


  1. Completed: November’s goal, partially—got my driver’s permit! Making progress and should have my license by mid-December. Also decided to forgo the First Aid/CPR license—I learned the essentials, and to be honest, reviewing that knowledge every month seems more helpful than taking a $100 weekend course once every two years.
  2. In Progress: reading, cooking, driving.
  3. Next Goal: December—writing month!! I’ll be updating with a small postscript on every blog post for the next month; it’ll include an updated word count and perhaps some small excerpts from the day’s writing.
  4. Languages: half-way through the book in Italian; I also wrote a poem! It took a couple of attempts to find the right words, but I’m rather pleased with the end result.
  5. Piano: application submitted; this month will be for polishing pieces and updating new repertoire, time permitting.
  6. Miscellaneous: concert to plan in January, Christmas gifts to organize, the year falling into place, at last.

A thought on bicycles:

Now that I’ve become acquainted with driving and cars in general (engine oil, brake fluid, battery, transmission, coolant, spark plugs, air filter, the components are endless), my appreciation for bicycles has increased tenfold. What a lovely thing, to ride at a fair speed of 20mph with the wind in your hair and your legs pumping with glee! No need for an engine or gas, then too! Driving isn’t all bad (its convenience comes to mind), but it is nothing compared to the sheer joy of listening to the trickle of running spokes and whirring chains.