A belated discovery: 360 videos! My word! I have been living underground (almost literally) and this is incredible. To be able to choose what to see within a frame, even in a recorded video, is extraordinary and somewhat frightening. As with all new technology, there are mixed feelings: excitement, because breaking boundaries and shoving past borders is no easy feat (and it’s an inherently human thing, to explore), but also doubt, because I wonder if some borders need to be broken, and if one end of the spectrum is expanded, what happens to its opposite side (the most basic of human survival and needs)? Surely it must also move forward to maintain a healthy balance, but I suspect that, often, it can’t keep up with the other side, or it doesn’t want to keep up. A diluted version of creative destruction.

Anyway, it’s a sort of head-splitting thought to be living in all three perceptions of time simultaneously. We’re experiencing “the future,” which is really the present, while evaluating the past in the present. A three-sixty view of time, if you will. Quite stunning. 


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