GY: Progress and Practice Rooms


  1. Completed: October’s goal—spent some time reviewing theory, grammar, some maths.
  2. In Progress: cooking (though this has made slow progress of late), writing (more than ever), reading, Psych and other open courses.
  3. Next Goal: November—get driver’s license (i.e. permit and then start learning behind the wheel) and First Aid/CPR license.
  4. Languages: just started reading a book in Italian, and I’m going to try my hand at writing some poems. Writing/reading has been much easier than speaking/listening, though (trying to make up for that by listening to tons of songs and podcasts).
  5. Piano: recordings mid-month, application due at the end of the month, and some ideas are in the works for another fundraiser concert.
  6. Miscellaneous: job has been steady; getting to be more familiar with recording equipment, trying to write a poem or small story every day to prepare for December.

A note on practice rooms:

I cannot count the number of practice rooms I’ve been in. Hundreds, probably. Rooms with stunning lake views, rooms with defunct light switches (dark practice, as they say), rooms underground. I used to hate underground practice rooms (no windows, stuffy as hell, ugly wall paint), but after time, I’ve grown fond of them. “We’re like rats. Living underground, Prokofiev and Beethoven streaming out of our fingertips. Our kingdom. We only emerge to drink and eat. No distractions. Just music.”


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