You know what’s mesmerizing? Pairs of opposites.

Right & wrong, black & white, day & night, happy & sad, win & loss, young & old.

Thoughts often follow the same pattern.

You’ll finish your work. You won’t finish your work. It’ll be fine. It won’t be fine. You’ve done well. You’ve done shit. The world’s beautiful. The world’s a hell-hole. Flowers are nice. Flowers are disgusting.

They seem oddly simple when written out: two truths at war with one another. Perhaps those thoughts should study the nature of oxymorons.

Living dead, dark light, passive aggressive, tiny giant, liquid food. These phrases have learned to exist peacefully side-by-side, putting aside their differences. Instead, the juxtaposed words lend hands in forging new, daring definitions. Darkness joins light to create dancing shadows; day and night create dawns and dusks.

You won’t finish all the work in the world, but you’ll finish what you need to. You can always do better, but that doesn’t mean you haven’t done well. The world has its beauty and ugliness, but you’re free to choose what you want to see, or both. Flowers are nice when they don’t give you allergies. You may not be fine now, but you will be, and when that comes, it’ll feel like the sun just rose over your drenched back, warm and whole again.


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