Today, I:

  • tripped over air
  • tried to say something clever but came out with “mphrehhh”
  • was a total klutz during a conversation (which involved me trying to jerk the subjects around in every direction at once; of course, that didn’t work out)
  • fumbled fingers during a masterclass
  • nearly tripped while trying to page-turn for someone
  • cried while practicing because music
  • wrote incoherent sentences while attempting the hundredth draft of the novel
  • cried some more (not sad tears, just empty ones)
  • wondered what the hell has been going on to account for this pathetic behavior

Sometimes you try to get everything right, and everything goes wrong, and you just sit back at the end of the day and mutter, “Damn, get it together. That could have gone so much better.” And it could have. Just not today. But some day, it will.