(mild swearing ahead, read at your own discretion).

  • a spontaneous trip to b&n revealed some interesting updates: a more modern, eclectic selection of poetry (finally), a table dedicated to penguin editions (mmm), a shelf packed with limited edition bicycle playing cards (including steampunk and nautical designs??), and (of course) a new display rack for godiva chocolates. b&n is no independent bookseller, but it’s still refreshing to see them add miscellaneous arrangements to each location, even if those have nothing to do with books and literature and the like (seriously though, why does the lego section exist, as much as i love lego, doesn’t it kind of defeat the purpose of a bookstore vs. a toy store)
  • sooner or later i’ll need to dedicate a post to book designs and cover designs because today i saw a book with a transparent dust jacket and the title was stamped in red letters and underneath the jacket was the subtitle embossed in the hard cover and it brought back memories of designing yearbooks and aw shit i wish i’d taken a photo. 
  • i never thought i’d see something like this in the new yorker. what a time to be alive.
  • ken liu oh my god what are you writing, it’s beautiful.
  • for a moment i kind of wanted to forget about greek myths and epics and just devour an armful of sci-fi/fantasy novels, because when was the last time i gave zero fucks about reading “for literature” and “contemplation” and instead just for the sake of getting lost in a world and laughing with its characters (and now i realize this statement is problematic because literature, even sci-fi and fantasy, always connects ideas and always says something)

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