GY: Progress and Dualism

Well, this will probably become a monthly pattern.

Updates on goals and progress:

  1. Completed: September’s goal — the full details of the job aren’t set but at least everything is falling into motion!
  2. In Progress: cooking, writing, reading (unrelated: re-learning how to skate on rollerblades).
  3. Next Goal: October is “review month,” i.e. spending time to brush up on old concepts/subjects, from music theory to maths to world history.
  4. Languages: steady with Italian; nearly at the point where I can get past translating an object and instead jumping directly to the Italian word.
  5. Piano: two competitions in October, two trips, plus a few masterclasses; busy stuff.
  6. Miscellaneous: following these online courses and they’ve been just awesome. 

A thought on Dualism: I understand that it’s an outdated concept according to modern science (“we’re just a pack of neurons”) but how else am I going to become “one with the void” if I ignore it? Can neurons become one with the void? Are they the void? What am I asking? (Psychology will open your mind, literally and figuratively).


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