Cuppa Tea

“Hello, friend. Trouble relaxing? How ’bout a cup of chamomile tea?” — Princess Bubblegum, Adventure Time

Black, green, white, gyokuro, matcha, rooibos, citrus, oolong, peach momotaro, earl grey, jasmine, peppermint, passionfruit, cucumber lemon. ¹

There are multiple studies proving the benefits of tea, so I won’t go on preaching that everyone should drink it. What I will say is that the process of making a cup of tea—the gentle rumble of boiling water, the crescendo of pouring, the steam, the aroma, the first sip down your throat, the loosening of your muscles—is cathartic.

Stressed about college, scholarship, competition applications? Can’t focus? Worried about a test? Feeling sluggish? How ’bout a cuppa tea?

¹ Scott Pilgrim: “Did you make some of those up?”


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