“The storm’s comin’. They say it’ll feast on whatever it touches. Best move out while you still can.”

“But I have to stay. I have nowhere else to go.”

“Well, it’s comin’.”


“Oh yeah. A giant.”

“I have nowhere to go.”


“Can I come with you?”

“Look, kid. I got a family to feed. Think I’m runnin’ charities? You’re on your own. We all are at some point.”


“Sorry. Gotta run. Don’t get swallowed.” 

“But how?”

“The fuck I know? Grit your teeth and work some dirt. Sweat it out. Start walkin’ your miles.”


“Aw, shoot. I don’t mean bad. You’re gonna be fine.”

“Thanks anyway.”

“See ya, kid. You’re gonna be fine.” 


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