GY: Progress and Lunches

This post is primarily a review of my gap year progress. Plus a thought on lunches.

Somehow the first month whizzed by and I’m down to eleven more months before this thing ends. A quick rundown of goals completed, goals in progress, goals to come:

  1. Completed: August’s goal — original poetry collection/anthology!
  2. In Progress: cooking¹, driver’s license, writing, reading².
  3. Next Goals: begin search for a job, hopefully something to do with tutoring or teaching younger kids. Target is to complete this by the end of September.
  4. Languages: steady progress on Italian; see note below for other languages.
  5. Piano: Lessons are lined up, new pieces on track, need to work on organizing competitions and scholarships, though.
  6. Miscellaneous: so far, I’ve been sticking to this set of morning routines, which has done wonders for both my mind and body. I’ve also been rotating music with podcasts from time to time, and that’s been lots of fun!

And, as promised, a thought on lunches:

They’re so much better when you actually put in the effort to create something other than mutated PB&J or soggy leftovers.

toasted bread, pastrami, tomatoes, alfalfa, salted okras

A note on languages:

  • Italian: August to end of December
  • Chinese: January to end of March
  • French: April
  • German: May
  • Swahili + ASL: June
  • Review Italian and Chinese: July/August

¹ things made so far: (lots of) baked goods, bruschetta variations, quinoa dishes, and a few others. they’re all simple recipes but hey, gotta start somewhere!

² also realized that I never properly introduced the fact that I have a reading list for the gap year. it’s very long. that’s pretty much all you need to know about it.


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