Queue Series

Starting tomorrow, I will be traveling and therefore on hiatus. However, in an effort to keep this a daily blog, I’ve scheduled a series of posts, each one different but of the same format. It should look a little something like this, sans parentheses:

QS (Queue Series): Slate Gray (the day’s color)

listen: “Etude Op. 2, No. 1” — Alexander Scriabin; Sviatoslov Richter

look: “Stranded” — Salvador Dalí

read : “Inferno, Canto I” — Dante Alighieri, tr. Seamus Heaney

alt listen: (occasionally, I’ll include an extra song when I can’t make up my darn mind)

The series is basically a daily dose of three things: visual art, poetry, and music. I’ve tried my best to keep certain themes running throughout each selection, though a few are more personal and are only loosely linked curations.

Auf wiedersehen!


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