GY: Miscellany

some miscellaneous goals, aside from ones mentioned previously (cooking, learning languages, etc.):

  • put together a collection of original poems [agosto] ¹
  • search around for tutoring/teaching jobs [settembre]
  • brush up on fundamentals of select subjects: music (theory/history), maths (trig to calc), english (grammar/vocabulary), art history + world history [ottobre]
  • obtain driver’s license [novembre]
  • finish first draft of book/novel/the thing I’m trying to write [decembre]
  • finish html/css course (design a website!), set goals for Java [gennaio]
  • sight-read one new piece every day, 2-6 pgs. in length [febbraio]
  • obtain CPR/first aid license [marzo]
  • perform some chamber music (ask Ethan for help) [aprile]
  • free month! reserved for voracious reading and traveling [maggio]
  • WWOOF or a similar program, approx. 1-2 weeks [giugno]
  • study month/essay writing: preparing for re-entry into the world of school; write one 800-word essay per week [luglio]

some of these may be switched around or combined in one month, since I might be traveling here and there from time to time.

¹ hopefully available for distribution!


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