GY: Baking

One of my gap year resolutions is to improve my cooking skills. Subset resolution: improve baking skills.

First attempt: banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Result?


Hot and fluffy right out of the oven. Aromatic scent of bananas and bread filling the room. Sweet icing. Sprinkles! Lots of sprinkles.

Making baked goods from scratch is so much more satisfying than buying pre-made dough and batter. There’s room for variation — it’s like a big experiment, and when it turns out right, you just can’t help but grin and fist pump into the air. (Tip/reminder: when making cream cheese frosting, make sure the cream cheese is actually softened and smooth. Chunks aren’t exactly pleasing to the mouth or eye.)

IMG_3434 IMG_3467We even used the leftover mix to create a little cake! Blueberries and plum slices on top; decorative skills courtesy of the wonderful Lily Park.


One thought on “GY: Baking

  1. I’ve found cooking to be so much fun this past week—mustered up the time to attempt pasta and panna cotta. It took a couple tries, but after a tossed batch of dough and a last-minute dump of almost-forgotten sugar, fist-pumping and happy dancing proliferated. Would love to hear what other treats you make!


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