I once heard that a gap year never hits you until it’s over. What a shame! Why let three hundred and sixty-five days fly by without a whistle or a cheer? Why avoid a pinch every twenty-four hours saying, “Look here! You have something valuable: time. You have something rare: freedom. Go explore the world, and while you’re at it, explore yourself. Just don’t wait until it’s all gone.”

I had established what appeared to be a general outline of this gap year, but I had no specifics. Thus, when my dad came to me and asked, “What are you going to do?” I fumbled. I had plans, but they were empty promises on a word document. I had no goals, no hot-balloon dreams. Panic crept up my spine.

And then I spotted, tucked away in a tight corner on my bookshelf, the cover of Douglas Adams’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Don’t panic. 

A mug of green tea and a bowl of sliced peaches later, I was seated in front of the computer, prodding around for ideas.

“Keep a diary” — I once drowned my second-grade diary in juice. On purpose.

“Use time management apps” — is it just me, or do these things make time management a frantic game of horrid juggling??

“Write a blog” — oh! something that I’m familiar with and actually capable of doing.

There are several reasons for keeping a blog, the main ones being: 1) improve writing skills, 2) keep record of otherwise fleeting thoughts and memories, and 3) this blog will not be a journal so much as a mirror: the world seen through my eyes. I’m not fond of cliches for the fact that they are often unbearably true, but there’s much to be valued in reflection and contemplation. Here’s to the coming year — a year of exploration, a year of thinking, a year of living.


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